682-303-4200. a level of analysis that has not previously been undertaken for children's self-report concussion symptom scales. Sophia Heffelfinger is an active high school student, but after suffering a concussion, headaches were making school and show choir difficult. Sophia Heffelfinger is an active high school student, but after suffering a concussion, headaches were making school and show choir difficult. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an injury to the brain from some type of outside force, such as a fall, collision or blow to the head. Concussion Program. Specialties & Conditions Concussion Program. Concussions can also happen after a fall or if players collide with each . Our physicians will see patients birth though the age of 30. Some ways include sports injuries, bike accidents, car accidents or falls. Prosper TX 75078. A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury caused by a rapid acceleration of the brain. Our multidisciplinary team of pediatric physicians and experts in orthopedics, sports medicine, neurology and neurosurgery are available to provide consultation and . For every child and young athlete who has a suspected concussion, the Children's Hospital of Michigan DMC offers a concussion clinic for kids including a comprehensive evaluation and individualized treatment plan by a multidisciplinary team of concussion experts. . Learn more about the services offered below for more information. Concussion Appointments Community Outreach Contact Us To reach out administrators, call 301-765-5430 or fax us at 301-765-5497. Our team of experts provides comprehensive care for athletes with sports concussions and offers concussion prevention and recovery education for athletes and their families. Our children's concussion clinic has a variety of specialists who are trained to provide end-to-end care for athletes who experience concussions. Helping Kids be Kids Camp in Motion. If older patients are not in school, these will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Fatigue. Great clinic. A concussion is an injury that changes how the cells in the brain normally work. New Children's of Mississippi concussion clinic offers follow-up care quickly. This causes chemical changes in the brain and sometimes damage to the brain cells. Norton Children's Hospital is the pediatric teaching hospital for the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Our specialized pediatric concussion program provides cutting-edge concussion diagnostics and therapies, and is designed to help patients, families . We provide care for the diagnosis, treatment and management . At Gillette Children's, we provide thorough tests, expert care and consultations about returning to activities.

A concussion is a type of mild traumatic brain injury (or mild TBI). For more information, or to discuss how MultiCare Sports Concussion Program can work with your school's athletic program, please call: Tacoma, Gig Harbor. After seeing your primary care provider, if you have further questions, please call CHOP's Trauma Center at 215-590-5932, Sports Medicine and . Note: Post concussion testing is only offered with appointment at our two clinic locations: the Dayton Children's main campus and the Outpatient Care Center in Springboro. Directions. Working together, we treat the physical, mental and behavioral health of children who have concussions or . 253-459-7000. Our physicians have expertise in their fields and are . A concussion is an injury to the brain caused by a blow to the head or body. Refer a Patient. Treating patients from infancy through age 21, the program is overseen by Alcy Torres, MD, named one of Boston's best pediatric neurologists by Boston Magazine. Head Injury Clinic. . Children's Hospital & Medical Center Location: 8200 Dodge St. Omaha, NE 68114. Concussion treatment locations. Concussion. Minor Bump or Serious Head Injury? Concussion results from a bump, blow or jolt to the head or to the body that causes the head and brain to move quickly back and forth inside the skull. This can occur during activities such as sports, or the sudden jolt of a motor vehicle accident. Our program brings together a team of expert providers who have dedicated their careers to understanding, diagnosing and treating concussions and other pediatric neurological issues. 215 West Bowery Street. Discuss signs and symptoms. Whether it's a brain injury that's sports related or due to a fall, an accident, or an unknown cause, our experts work together to customize and coordinate highly specialized care to fit your child's needs. Concussions occur when the soft tissues of the brain bang against the inside of the skull. We offer specialists in sports medicine, psychology, rehabilitation and more. Sports Concussion Program For young athletes, a concussion is a potentially serious injury in which the brain does not function normally following a blow to the head and can lead to learning problems, behavior problems, and in rare instances, death. I am thankful for their help. Some concussions are mild and brief, and the person or untrained observer may not recognize that a concussion has occurred. It is a collaborative effort that involves primary care, sports medicine, and physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians. Provider's hours Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 4:30 pm. It's caused by a blow to the head or body that causes the brain to move quickly inside the skull. This team approach means we will evaluate your child from every angle and develop a care plan that's tailored to their exact needs. Scheduling: 843-876-0444 . ), a stationary object (goalpost, fence) or the ground. About Us. Monday - Thursday: 2 pm - 9 pm. We will promptly answer your questions or concerns. The Arkansas Children's Concussion Clinic offers a comprehensive approach to the evaluation and management of children who might have sustained a concussion. COVID-19: Vaccine Resources, . Friday: 2 pm - 8 pm. Concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) that is caused by a sudden blow to the head or body. More about this location. The Concussion Clinic at Children's Sports Medicine works with the Alabama sports community to educate parents, athletic trainers, coaches and athletic directors about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of concussions in athletes. Call the Concussion Clinic at 954-538-5566 to schedule your appointment. Concussions are often the result of a direct hit to the head but can also result from any blow to neck, face, or body that places a rotational force on the brain. To make an appointment, call the Children's Concussion Center at 504.896.2888. See more regional concussion clinic locations where our experts offer office hours. The sudden injury causes the brain to shake inside the skull. Learn about OHSU's expert care for children and adults with concussion. View Map; Share; Save for later; Pediatric experts at the Concussion Program at Children's Hospital Colorado evaluate and treat children, teens and young athletes who have sustained concussions and other types of mild traumatic brain injuries. 4200 W. University Drive. Concussion Treatment | Children's Mercy Kansas City Concussion Treatment Nationally ranked by U.S. News & World Report Contact Us (816) 701-4878 Concussions can happen during almost any sport. Prompt, high quality care. Our physicians will see patients birth though the age of 30. . Cook Children's Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Walsh Ranch. The Sports Concussion Clinic at Boston Children's Hospital is the leading research-based sports concussion program in the nation. Concussion Care At Akron Children's Hospital, we understand that children's brains are still developing and require specialized care to return kids to school and activity as quickly and safely as possible. A concussion can affect a person's physical . Make a habit of placing matches, gasoline and lighters in a safe place, out of children's reach. Norton Children's board-certified and fellowship-trained neurologists are the leading providers of concussion care in Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana. The symptoms, which include headaches and trouble with concentration, memory, and balance . The Concussion Clinic treats children and adolescents, ages 2 to 18 years. There is treatment and management that can help with concussions." For more information about the Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital Pediatric Concussion Clinic, call 203-785-2809. Call 727-767-7678. Map & directions. Patients that are 19 years and older may be seen provided they are still in school (college, trade school, post-graduate school, etc.). View Infographic. UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program Fellowship Opportunities Concussion Care. A concussion is an injury to the head area that may cause instant loss of awareness or alertness for a few minutes up to a few hours after the traumatic event. The Stanford Children's Health Concussion Program is a comprehensive program designed to help your child return to sports and regular activity safely after a concussion. This causes chemical changes in the brain and, sometimes, damage to the brain cells. If older patients are not in school, these will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Concussions usually occur from a direct blow to the head, but . Concussions are classified as types of mild TBIs. Telemedicine at Seattle Children's You may be offered a telehealth (virtual) appointment. During activity or sports, a concussion can result when a child's head is hit by another player, a moving object (ball, baseball bat, hockey stick, golf club, etc.

A physician's referral is not necessary. Fortunately, most people fully recover from concussions, but treatment can help manage symptoms and ensure there is no long-term damage. We're open until 9:00 p.m. Mondays-Thursdays and until 8:00 PM Fridays-Sundays. Boy. Contact. North Charleston, SC 29406. By: Annie Oeth, aoeth@umc.edu. The Pediatric Concussion Clinic takes place weekly at Marshall Neuroscience on the campus of Cabell Huntington Hospital. The Arkansas Children's Concussion Clinic offers a comprehensive approach to the evaluation and management of children who might have sustained a concussion. Useful. The Concussion Clinic at Nationwide Children's Hospital utilizes the expertise of pediatric sports medicine specialists and physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, along with neurologists, neurosurgeons, radiologists, neuropsychologists, physical therapists, and athletic trainers to best manage pediatric concussions. Contact us for more information about FREE baseline testing 937-641-3883. Johns Hopkins All Children's Sports Medicine is a multidisciplinary program dedicated to treating sports injuries in children, adolescents, and young adults. Financial Assistance. The Sports Concussion Program at Texas Children's Hospital assesses and treats concussions using the latest medical guidelines and treatments . Patients that are 19 years and older may be seen provided they are still in school (college, trade school, post-graduate school, etc.). For an emergency, please call 911 or go to an emergency room. A patient who has had a concussion may suffer from symptoms including, but not limited to: headache, nausea, sensitivity to light or noise, dizziness . Aimed at getting follow-up . Concussions take time and proper care to heal, but most kids recover fully. For a sports-related head injury, please call the OHSU Concussion Clinic at 503-494-1950 to make an appointment. BMC's open-access Concussion Clinic for Children located in the Shapiro Center allows patients to be seen quickly by concussion specialists. To help ensure that we provide the best care for young athletes and families, Children's Wisconsin offers a special Concussion Line (from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday). Headaches.

Pediatric Neurology Clinic. Contact Children's Hospital & Medical Center: 402-955-5400. Published on Monday, April 18, 2022. Medical Records. 2250 Mall Drive. Expert-led Concussion Education Group includes six weekly sessions designed for rolling admission. With so few reviews, your opinion of Dell Childrens Concussion Clinic could be huge. Concussion Clinic. A licensed athletic trainer monitors and answers the Concussion Line. 3020 Children's Way, San Diego, CA 92123 Main Phone: 858-576-1700 Customer Service & Referrals: . If you do have questions or want to use the telehealth services, though, just call us now at 540-602-7766. The Brain Recovery After INjury (BRAIN) Health and Wellness Center is a nationally-recognized team of brain injury experts. .

3. Concussions can happen in many different ways. The Wesley Children's Hospital Concussion Clinic is held the second and fourth Thursdays of the month from 9 a.m. to noon in the Medical Arts Tower at Wesley Medical Center, 3243 E. Murdock St. For more information about the concussion clinic, please call (316) 962-2085. . From the very first appointment, we: Share information on what concussions are. Even though a concussion might be called a "mild" injury, parents and caregivers still must take it seriously . If she could send one message to parents of children involved in sports, it would be this: "If there is any question or doubt, get your child checked out. General Contact Info. To request general information on our [U18] Sports Medicine program please email Gabe Casanova at gcasanova@mhs.net. Considine Professional Building. TBI ranges in severity from mild to severe. We will promptly answer your questions or concerns. Dr. Colette Parker, chief of the Division of Pediatric Neurology at UMMC, said a clinic focused solely on concussions is a needed addition to Children's of Mississippi clinical care. Here's is what you can . Location Main Campus Location Suite 402 of the Lowder Building 1600 7th Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35233 We're dedicated to advancing the treatment, education, research and prevention of sports injuries in children, adolescents and young adults. Continue to set care standards for concussion management and return-to-play protocols, which other concussion programs throughout the U.S. have adopted. 215-590-6919. Dizziness. We can see your child in Bellevue, Everett, Federal Way or Seattle. Suite #200. If you think your child or teen has a concussion and needs evaluation and care, or if you have questions about concussion, please schedule an appointment with our team by calling 206-987-2109. This sudden movement causes a disruption in how parts of the brain communicate and results in a variety of symptoms. Our multidisciplinary team of pediatric physicians and experts in orthopedics, sports medicine, neurology and neurosurgery are available to provide consultation and coordinated care. Parent and Athlete Concussion Information. 330-543-4323. To request an appointment with a pediatric orthopedic, sports concussion specialists or sports medicine physician please click here or contact us at (954) 265-6300. Our Pediatric Sports Concussion Program is the region's premier center for evaluating and treating children and teens with sports-related concussions. Irritability. Please call to make an appointment for post concussion testing 937-641-3939. Your Child's Specialty Clinic Visit. Concussions are serious and the Concussion Clinic at Children's Minnesota provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment in all cases. The Institute for Sports Medicine at Lurie Children's is uniquely qualified to evaluate, manage and treat concussions in children and adolescents. Card Link. Children might develop complications or delay healing if they are reinjured before a concussion has healed. . Teens who follow their health care provider's recommendations usually feel better . We offer baseline tests and post-concussion ImPACT tests at our Medical Center East location in Nashville under expert supervision. Schedule baseline testing for individuals or groups at (615) 322-4540. We are located at: 15245 Shady Grove Rd, Suite 350 (South Building) Rockville, MD 20850 Read More Concussion Program Team Prev Next Gerard Gioia Division Chief, Neuropsychology Find A Doctor (available 24/7): 800-833-3100. Fax Number: 512-380-7544. Arkansas Children's Hospital Appointments: 501-364-4000 General Information: 501-364-1100. Even what seems to be a mild bump or blow to the head can be serious. Phone: 214-867-6900; Fax: 214-867 . Pay Your Bill. Level 7. Concussion. The Neuroscience Center at Dell Children's addresses the full range of neurological, behavioral and developmental problems in children and youth. For an appointment or more information, please call 304-691-1787. First to Review. The resulting PCSI-SR5 is less strong psychometrically than the older children's and parents' version, suggesting that some caution . Children's Hospital Colorado Concussion Clinic. Children's Health Specialty Center Cityville offers outpatient programs designed to give you resources, knowledge and peace of mind about your child's care. Concussion Clinic at Summey. If you call after 3 p.m. or on weekends or holidays, leave a message, and the nurse will return your call the next business day. The symptoms of a concussion can be subtle and may not manifest until several hours after the injury occurred. UPMC Rooney Sports Complex 3200 South Water St. Pittsburgh, PA 15203. This injury to the brain can lead to a wide spectrum of symptoms and puts extra demands on the body to recover. Our Pediatric Concussion Program is a well-rounded clinic that includes experts from the Sports Medicine Program and Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children's. Through a comprehensive assessment, treatment and follow-up care, young athletes get the support and treatment they need to recover from concussion and return to physical activity. A concussion, or mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), is a brain injury that occurs when force is transmitted to the brain causing it to move quickly within the skull. 1. In other words, "If in doubt, sit it out." Common concussion symptoms can include: Difficulty with thinking skills, such as memory and attention. "We are very excited to have this clinic for post-concussion care," said Parker. But, should you need the services of a Fredericksburg children's concussion clinic, we encourage you to bring them in to our clinic located at 20 Doc Stone Road in Stafford. Listened to my son and then took time to explain things to us. Start your review today. You can get a concussion by running into another person or object, falling, or even from whiplash. The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Concussion Clinic is available on the main campus of Nationwide Children's: Nationwide Children's Hospital Main Campus Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Outpatient Care Center Monday and Thursday: 1 - 4 p.m. For your convenience, the Sports Medicine Concussion Clinic is available four days a week and at three locations: Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center Tuesday and Wednesday: 1:15 - 5 p.m. What ages will you see for concussion? A concussion is an injury to the brain from a blow to the head, face, neck or body. This includes board-certified pediatric experts from emergency medicine, sports medicine, rehabilitation and neuropsychology. You can leave messages at anytime. Concussion can cause a number of symptoms such as headache, fatigue, sleep . Cook Children's Sports Medicine.