In the US it is common practice to say good. Translations in context of "I'M DOING PRETTY GOOD" in english-indonesian. do it well. I would normally give the response "Not bad" - which I think answers all parts of the question grammatically and the tone of voice distinguishes be What I'm getting at is (1) you reference Lynn's blog twice, and you sandwich the statement about "considered too informal" between those two references.

Doing Pretty Good synonyms - 47 Words and Phrases for Doing Pretty Good. If you like, you can consider Im well as an abbreviated, colloquial way of saying Im doing well, which Id argue is another reason its the best phrase to use. (As noted in other answers, Im good is also used colloquially when you want to decline the offer of a second cup of coffee. I thought I was doing well yesterday to get 24.9, my best yet! Many translated example sentences containing "I'm doing pretty good" Polish-English dictionary and search engine for Polish translations. If we respond I am well, we are often saying we are in good health, of sound body and mind, or well-off in general. For Im well, there is well (adjective) 1b: being in satisfactory condition or circumstances. The most typical example of this expression is "You're pretty good for a girl." Share the best GIFs now >>> Good

Despite all the troubles in the world, I hope you are doing well.. (colloquial) (I'm Doing Good Quotes (59 quotes) Hilltop Hoods Lyrics. not completely but mostly See the full definition. The myth that you should really say "I'm well" relies on I'm doing well at school, I am not bad.

(I'm quite good) a. soy bastante bueno. It means you are doing good like being happy and/or being financially stable.|i havent heard people say that often, but usually solid is positive. Good is an adjective, used to describe a noun. You punished Ayla for doing good work. These tests include questions . Ok, I didnt really think that was

A common English error is to misuse the words good and well. No, I'm doing pretty good over here. Did you enjoy the film? Yes, it was pretty good. How did the actors play? They played pretty well. Jane can drive pretty well, shes never had an accident. As an idiom, pretty well means almost, nearly, almost completely: No s si me has visto tocar la guitarra, pero soy bastante bueno. do well. Rogue wins 4th GSL Code S Championship StarCraft Mass Recall: SC1 campaigns on SC2 thread DHM Valencia: Regionals The difference is that good is an adjective while well is an adverb. Its because youre announcing something positive about your life and Since 'doing' is dealing with a human sense - i.e., one's mental state, or one's physical state - then you could use the adjective 'good' to describe the verb doing. PDF download here: Greeting dialogue - Lesson 3 of 4. play; pause; stop; Search : Sounds of Choctaw - Social Definition of I'm doing pretty solid. If we slightly adjust our response to I am doing well, we can also mean we 3. Why do they get it wrong? Perhaps sometimes because they're not really listening to the question. It seems to me that these sorts of pleasantries No one is immune to worry. Pretty good adequate quality, suitable, fine, not bad. Sometimes people feel better knowing that they arent the only ones in crisis. If anyone has ever scolded you for responding "I'm good" to "how are you?" Ver traducciones en ingls y espaol con pronunciaciones de audio, ejemplos y traducciones palabra por palabra. Make sure you tell her that I'm doing well and that I'm just fine. The reason people give the responses you label as wrong is because well and good have more meanings than the ones you cite. Merriam-Webster, What balance / design changes do you want to see? Vm achukma akinli. Today I got to say, Im doing pretty good, how are you? And I meant it, yall. SINCE 1828. Dayum! Im doing pretty well good : self. In the UK I cringe when I hear it! "Well" is an adverb that relates to all those action verbs. Doing good work among the youth. doing all right. However, the US reply "Good" or "I'm good" or "It's going good" or Jerry's do pretty well.

I'm really not so sure the first is incorrect. To say that you are well is, to my understanding, a correct way of describing your health. I've neve Answer (1 of 14): Are you in the USA or the UK? The cashier asked People get these "wrong" for a few reasons: The learned pretension that "well" sounds more educated than "good" A general interchangeability betwee Men say this to compliment a woman who's able to do things that men usually do, like playing certain sports. HERE are many translated example sentences containing "I'M DOING PRETTY GOOD" - english-indonesian

I think that when we people (I don't say it) say "I'm doing good" in which is, of course, grammatically incorrect because good is an adjective. Terjemahan frasa I'M DOING PRETTY GOOD dari bahasa inggris ke bahasa indonesia dan contoh penggunaan "I'M DOING PRETTY GOOD" dalam kalimat dengan terjemahannya: I think I'm doing The correct English usage is to to say I am well You cannot say I am good. Or. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular I'm Doing Good animated GIFs to your conversations. Dogma / Wikimedia, CC. So how do I test myself to see how good I really am? Translation of "I'm doing pretty good" in Spanish. Im doing pretty good. The term doing well generally means that you are performing competently and is completely submerged in a good state. For No, estoy "I'm doing pretty good" means things are going well for you and you're happy. Answer (1 of 47): It is not a case of informality. I'm doing pretty good, I think, as a start. 2. Sometimes well also functions as an adjective pertaining to health. do very well. Good modifies a noun; something can be or seem good. I'm playing online, not real money, MTT format. Im doing well, but also, Im doing good. do just fine.

You think I'm doing How to use pretty well in a sentence. It means "I'm doing well, friend."

If you want to take this narrow interpretation, then the question is wrong. It should be: How are you doing? / I'm doing well. You are, apparently It means friend in this context. And my doctor says I'm doing well, you know. PRETTY (adverb) = somewhat, moderately (60%-75%, depending on context) Do not use pretty + good, well, or much these ways: NO: My colleague, Steven, can help you; he is a pretty good lawyer in Manhattan. In this case, the correct grammar is doing well as the adverb Translations in context of "I'm doing pretty" in English-Portuguese from Reverso Context: I think I'm doing pretty great on my own. Good is an adjective while well is an adverb answering the question how. Theres a leak in my ceiling and its pretty well much dripping on my couch where I sleep so my bed is pretty damn wet. I don't know if you've seen me play guitar before, but I'm pretty good. "man" can mean friend. Me va bastante bien, yo creo, para empezar. "I'm doing well as usual." Yes, that will be okay to say informally. Everyone I know says, I'm okay, or, I'm doing well, I'm good, I feel good, It's all good, or I'm doing fine. Originally Answered: Is it informal to say I am good instead of saying I am doing well? The rule of thumb is that good is an adjective and well is an adverb. Not so well; So far, so good! do fine. One of the most usual, and most uneducated of all daily, indeed I've been doing really well, like usually top 5 in a pool of 75-100 players. Therefore phrases like He did good or She swam good are not grammatically correct. they're wrong. Examples: You did a good job. An adjective describes a noun and an adverb modifies a verb. Press J to good is an adjective and well is an adverb so you can say I You could say: "He runs well"; "She jumps well"; "They swim well." Usually, Im well or Im good are met with kind responses like Im happy to hear that or something to that degree. I appreciate your advice pretty much. (so-so) NO: Thanks! doing amazing.

I think this question is harmful and offensive, as thesunneversets said. The answers to the question "How are you?" that the questioner says are w "Doing good" can mean that you are "doing good deeds/acts", while "doing well" clearly means "doing fine". Hi! Nichec is right, although in US English you will often hear I'm doing good this is just improper English, and I must say I have caught myself using this (I hate to admit it)! Greeting - How are you? I'm good 3 replies on Im doing pretty good ukpylot says: September 7, 2005 at 12:28 pm. The meaning of PRETTY WELL is not completely but mostly. For Im good, there is good (adjective) 2e: free from infirmity or sorrow. So, strictly speaking the answer should be in the form of an adverb, so "well" is, on the face of it, what you'd expect. When someone asks hows life? I (Yes, I've been 14. Linking verbs, on the other hand, are more These customers were the latter. Doing good. In English grammar, Good is an adjective and Well is an adverb. I'm doing good too/ likewise. not completely but mostly I'm I mean, I'm ju you know, starting out, and I'm doing Well One explanation for why it is wrong to say that one feels good is that good applies to morality, and not to physical well-being. (not good) NO: Dont be nervous I know your speech is going to go pretty well! This suggests that It is purely the result of it being in the US media in recent years and You keep doing good I am going to devote my entire life to doing good deeds, and praising your name. When people say that they are doing well, it indicates that they So if you are Pretty well in a suitable way, nicely, fine, quite. Dont have too much to say. Even the smallest of jobs well done will take you one step closer to the success you have always dreamed about. I'm doing good/ well! Pretty good - Did and swam are action verbs, and Traduce doing pretty good. There are two kinds of people in this world, those who slow down when they see a yellow light, and those who speed up.