12 Sleepy: Santa Rosa Village (Avoid) Via Buy Belize Real Estate (Santa Rosa Village) Another frequent spot for armed robbery is the little village of Santa Rosa. Located in the Southern Highway, Santa Rosa doesn't have anything worthy for a stop except for the warm locals along the way. Ties to Britain Belize is the only nation in the region with a British colonial heritage. The country is beautiful and most Belizeans really try to care for the environment even though resources are limited. Do not expect to find a Cancun-type experience in Belize. This means 1 US Dollar = 2 BZ Dollars. 2. Garnaches photo credit: Cooking with Shirani on YouTube . For more information on things to do in Belize, feel free to email us at info@travelbelize.org or call us toll-free at 1-800-624-0686. It's that simple. While this is a tragedy, it also means that Belize is relatively safe for tourists. When snorkeling or scuba diving do not stand on or touch the coral. Belize is not for people who need external regulations and rules/need to be told the appropriate level of risk to take - One of the most exhilarating, freeing, yet scary things about Belize, is the choose-your-own-level-of-risk nature about it.There ARE laws and these laws can be implemented at any time - but enforcement is inconsistent.

And there is a very high chance of exper. You never know who's listening. * Crime: We have a very high crime rate for a country of our size. Pros of Living in Belize 1) English is the Official Language 2) Kind and Friendly People 3) Low Cost of Living 4) Good Instant Medical Facility 5) Tropical Living 6) Adventurous Life Cons of Living in Belize 1) Crime Rate 2) Limited High-Quality Healthcare 3) Road Condition 4) Humidity can be Oppressive Conclusion Read about other countries: Don't walk alone with too much jewelry in the night Less pressurized. If you're a diver or fisherman or love to snorkel, you've no doubt heard of the Isla Bonita (beautiful island) of Ambergris Caye. Forget about conversion rates on your trip to Belize. Belize is not that much, but compared to the other neighbouring nations in Central America, Belize is expensive. Ranking of the top 10 things to do in Belize. Both drug and human trafficking - and the gangs responsible for them - are the main causes of increased violence. If white sands and turquoise waters are your idea of paradise, either one of these will be your dream come true. But in the world there are only a handful of things I know to be true, and this is one of them. 9. Whether you are backpacking or want to travel to Belize on a budget, it's best to get your priorities straight before going to Belize. Showcasing some of the nature's best gift to man, Belize is known as Mother Nature's Best Kept secret, and we call it the tropical paradise. Plan to stay at an inland hotel - then, expect to chuck out $15 and . Belize will offer you fun and enjoyment, and provide you with so many enthralling new experiences. 4.) Life in Belize. "Inland, you could rent . Housing prices have a wide range and can wind up being as much as in many places in North America. No McDonalds, Walmarts or high-rise concrete jungles. Here are seven signs you won't be happy in Belize: You're a hobby shopper. And there is no other place I would rather live. Getting Around Belize Transportation in Belize can be a bit of a shock. I also do not recommend spending time in Guatemala City or Managua. Caracol is the best-known Mayan ruin in Belize, but there are many others to see, including Altun Ha, Santa Rita, and Cahal Pech. Here Are 10 Things First-Timers Should Do New Study Reveals That the Mayas of [Belize] Were Skilled Dentists Sirenian Bay Resort & Villas Advertisment Captain Jak's Cabanas & Rental Services! No super-cold, central air conditioning This is something visitors and expats moving to Belize have to get used to. 8 fun facts you might not know about Belize 1. A very heart-wrenching site. Do not leave without tasting Belizean Cuisine. (In this case, "caye" is pronounced as "key," by the way.) Although it does have its own currency, the Belizean Dollar (BZD), its conversion rate is a steady 2 BZD:1 USD. 20 Domestic Disturbance: Dangriga Town (Avoid) via Britannica (Dangriga) The town of Dangriga has seen its fair share of gang-related incidents in the past few years. Answer (1 of 2): Belize is my home. (waste disposal in rural areas etc) Things I hated: the government is the worst--corruption and nepotism reign, although I think that is the case in most Latin American countries. As much as I adore Guatemala and Nicaragua. It is more rustic and developing here. Belize City crime is rampant and Belize City is dangerous. Depend on your tour guide to show you how to explore our marine life without damaging anything. Travelers favorites include #1 Ambergris Caye, #2 Great Blue Hole and more. Belize caters to people from all walks of life - the rich, the poor and the in between. We've all heard the original rendition of this saying, but it also applies to our many Maya temples scattered across Belize. 4. You can even visit Tikal in Guatemala on a day trip from San Ignacio. Unfortunately, Belize ranks consistently in the top 10 countries in the world with the highest rate of homicides. For the ultimate experience, join us as we count down the 10 most dangerous spots in Belize plus recap the 10 tourist favorites. It's where I am from. 2. There's little opportunity for non-essential shopping in Belize, and there are no big chain stores. The Belizean dollar is pegged to the US dollar. Advertisment Cahal Pech - Top Rated Belize Hotel Advertisment Black Orchid Resort Advertisment Belize R Us Advertisment Mariposa Beach Resort Advertisment In recent years, there have been some high-profile murders of U.S. citizens in Belize's tourist areas, including in Ambergris Caye, Hopkins, and Corozal, although most of the incidents that have. You won't be able to . Belize freely accepts the U.S. dollar. Whether visiting Caye Cauler, San Ignacio, Belize City or Cave Tubing and Seeing Mayan sights there are a lot of great culture shocks for travelers when they. It is the center of the Mundo Maya: The Maya civilisation has thrived in Belize for hundreds of years, as evidenced by the dozen or more protected archeological sites. Ambergris Caye. There is so much to do in the waters and on the lands.

I know it's a harsh statement.

1. Cruise ships in particular create a problem for the popular beach areas around Belize City, which lack a solid waste management system.

English is the official language of Belize. Having said that though, there are definitely some negatives about living here. Establishing the budget. Much of the solid waste is burned in landfills, which creates highly toxic air pollution, while liquid waste ends up back in the ground, or even in the ocean. This is the reality of Central American capitals. 3. But it wasn't just the beggars and drug dealers that were ugly in Belize. Here are 25 Things To Know About Belize. 10. Poor human beings that were shriveled and insane, living on the streets. They are protected species and delicate. We are like Cancun was 25 years ago, more natural. 1. There is no bad pizza. Some coral can literally bite back and deliver a substantial sting if brushed with bare skin. 8. It's the only English speaking country in Central America: Belize was occupied by the British, making it unique among its neighbors. While you might have it better than most and it might be tempting to brag about all you have, try not to as it will only make you a target for muggers. . Yes, many hotels have A/C, but not allbut even then, they keep it off during the day to save electricity, and will ask you to do the same. Walking through Belize City, it's difficult NOT to notice the depravity. It was the pitiful, atrophied human beings that were clearly living in an altered reality. Figuring out your pastime is . 2. Being able to freely converse with Belizeans makes day-to-day tasks like shopping, asking directions, or dealing with repair people much easier. Marie Sharp's is a staple on every Belizean table. Macarena Rose, who moved from the U.S. to Belize, provided some examples. The Spanish conquistadors originally explored Belize and claimed it for Spain, but they decided not to settle it because of a lack of resources. Virtually everyone agreed that certain areas of Belize City were dangerous, as were certain activities, but then again, virtually no expats live anywhere around these areas or engage in those. This easy-to-remember fact will simplify your travel budget: US Dollars are worth twice their denomination in Belizean Dollars (BZD).